Earls Juke Joint – Best bar in Newtown….


We went to Earl’s for drinks on our Anniversary. It is the best bar in Newtown. Very cool interior behind the original Beta Meats exterior.
A sound track to die for, played at a level so you can have a conversation, and a wonderful staff and cocktails …. of course.

But it is the house rules that get my “Best Bar” tag.

1. Please respect our neighbours and our heighbourhood. We love Newtown and the people who live here, so please keep your voices down when you’re outside don’t take your drinks outside or litter

2. Don’t be creepy

3. When you have reached your limit, be cool and cut yourself off. This will save us all an embarassing conversation . sleep comfortably knowing we look forward to seeing you another day.

4. Don’t be afraid to engage your neighbour, lets get along and have fun ( Caveat – see rule 2 )


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  1. Really is a terrific bar …… great atmosphere and service …….. very individual style but with a touch of many a famous Manhattan Bar. Love the fact that from outside it looks like a suburban butcher’s shop ……

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