Drake Eatery – Bondi Beach

Ms Dasha Ross - Style at Sculpture by the Sea

I’ve started a new subject for the Blog, Insider tips. This first tip is from Dasha Ross who has lived at Bondi Beach for over 35 years.

Her biggest tip is Restaurants with the best view rarely have the best food. In Bondi she excludes two from that observation. Sean Panorama and Icebergs.

Her first tip is Drake. This is a relaxed neighbourhood eatery in the heart of Bondi Beach.

Well on a side street so no view but the food is fabulous light and fresh and the feel very relaxed.


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  1. Do really bad meals count? Am in Orange, and the worst restaurant meals ever. So won’t post, but you know the feeling. Will try Drake in Bondi

    1. Post

      Kirsten I think that is a service I should be thinking about…where not to go is probably more helpful than where to go. Ms Ross knows her food, and this is worth the trip to the beach.

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