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The American Fondouk was founded in 1927 at the behest of Amy Bend Bishop, an American traveler who was distressed by the poor conditions of the many working animals in Fez Medina. At the time, there were 40,000 pack animals living in and around Fez. As in any country dependent on subsistence agriculture, Morocco’s draft and pack animals were worked hard by owners who were often poor and uneducated. The animals needed good veterinary care, improved husbandry and nutrition, and humane handling – both for their own sake and for the sake of the families who depended on their labor. Upon her return to the U.S., Mrs. Bishop contributed $8,000 in memory of her mother as seed money to build a refuge for these animals. With this donation, some hard work, and the help of a few dedicated friends, the American Fondouk was established

Three-quarters of a century later, modern-day Morocco is a developing nation, but many of its people are still poor. In a country where there is just one doctor for every 2,000 humans, it is tempting to view veterinary care as a luxury. But the economic health of the community rides, quite literally, on the backs of its working animals, and often on the Fondouk’s programs.
The American Fondouk provides the residents of Fez, Medina a full-service animal hospital, treating thousands of animals annually. The hospital is staffed with two resident veterinarians, a blacksmith, and 8 other employees. An onsite laboratory helps with diagnosis and a small surgical facility handles routine procedures. With limited resources and an endless need, contributions of any size make a tremendous difference in the Fondouk’s ability to treat the maximum number of animals in need of care.
The American Fondouk continues to be a charitable veterinary hospital, providing free treatment for thousands of animals each year.

Our own experience of the role that donkey’s play in the everyday workings of Morocco was first hand.

Unable to get our bags down from Scopian House in Moulay Indriss a porter was called and the most amazing little donkey carried our oversized and heavy bags down endless stairs to the main Square.

American Fondouk had a clinic in town that morning so Sue Bail introduced us to their work.

This Charity punches well above its weight in providing help to – still- the economic powerhouse of Morocco the very humble donkey.
if you can help here is the link to donate…a little goes a long way.

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