Domestic Violence in Armenia

Domestic Violence in Armenia

image : Anahit Hayrapetyan/4 plus

This very powerful photo-essay by photographer Anahit Hayrapetyan, published in the New York Times, looks at what has become a world-wide crisis.

“Once Anahit Hayrapetyan’s girlfriends got married, they started disappearing from her life. She was not surprised by that, as married women in Armenia — a “highly patriarchal society” — sometimes have little independence. One of her friends was forbidden to step outside her home without her husband. Another couldn’t even make a phone call without her husband being present. And her closest friend was physically abused.

Domestic violence against women is commonplace in Armenia, Ms. Hayrapetyan said, yet until recently it was rarely discussed in public. Still, she knew the reality: Growing up, a neighbor girl’s father had killed her mother, but it was discussed only in furtive whispers, if at all.”


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