Do you cover up, Down play, dress modestly?

Do you dress modestly, even hide in sensible Nom Com clothes.

In my youth and working in a very male dominated work space I did just that. It was not the go to look pretty, and you’d be only “asking for it’ if you decided to dress in – my god – a sexy way. In fact I couldn’t wear a dress without having to navigate endless comments during the day.

On the day I HAD to wear a dress covering the races – the members area at the racetrack was forbidden to women wearing pants – I was assigned the shot that meant I had to climb a ladder and edge around the scoreboard to get the angle for the thing called the “turn strip” I had my camera in one hand and held onto the ladder with the other….when the inevitable happened a gust of wind sent my dress overhead….Of course a photographer from the rival organisation was there to capture it … It was then pasted poster size in their pub that evening.

In this article in the New York Times they explore the reasons women are feeling the need to dress modestly…. and its not because we want to!

an extract…..

“And still, the look persists, even thrives. This past spring, The New York Times’s chief fashion critic, Vanessa Friedman, declared modest fashion a defining trend of the 2010s, with brands as varied as Céline, with its enveloping, cocoon-like garments, Erdem, with its long-sleeved, high-collared Victoriana dresses, and Vetements, with its almost comically outsize getups, all promoting the look. As Friedman argued, in a vulnerable, volatile time — perhaps one particularly so for women — figure-obscuring clothing serves as a kind of armor, as well as a retort to a reality-TV-inured culture apparently intent on exposing any private moment, any intimate body part, for public consumption. Once we’ve seen it all — from Emily Ratajkowski’s fabulous breasts to Kim Kardashian’s monumental butt — it now seems as if the most radical gesture could only involve donning a baggy jumpsuit or a generously cut midi-skirt.”

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