Dior – Fashion Week – Part one

I'm not for a moment pretending I was invited to the Dior show, no! The day before I was wandering the Marais wondering where all the Fashion week action could be???? I came across a stylist on his way to pre show and asked him where I might go, he just said be at the Jardin des Tuileries tomorrow. No time, where or what show.

I arrived early, nothing in the gardens...which are large and bare but beautiful, pre spring. I followed a woman in an orange coat who - god only knows why - I thought looked like a fashion person. She led me to this very large white box ( specifically built for this show ) which simply had Dior over a door way .... which was closed. Outside, the Dior Chinese ambassador's fan club had taken up the the prime spots in front of the white box. It was pretty well me, the fan club and about 3o security blokes in black for the next 4 hours.

The show started at 2.30 pm and people .... the very very important ones were shown to the backstage door and the early arrivals who needed to be noticed and photographed wandered about the large white chalk filled paddock in-front of the white box. As it got closer to show time the arrivals increased and the people with cameras ( and some photographers ) swamped the paddock. Think the parade area just before the Melbourne cup ... the horses with their  strappers!

The paddock area becomes frenzied with dust swirls and importance when the ambassador's - mostly Chinese pop stars and actors - start to arrive with their own security.

Once all are inside the white box  and the dust settles .... all that is left in the yard are those still hoping like hell to be photographed....

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