Dickey Chapelle – Photographer

Dickey Chapelle # 1

Dickey Chapelle was an American photographer who shot combat from World War 11 through to the Vietnam war, I had never heard of her. I’m glad I do now. Thanks, David Dare Parker who put this link on Facebook.

The link will take you to the Washington Post, who have a couple of interesting Videos talking about Dickey and the fact that she was a pioneering female war photographer. ” She wore pearl earrings with her combat fatigues to show she wasn’t one of the boys”. Sadly Dickey was struck by piece of shrapnel and killed in Vietnam….becoming the first female American photographer to be killed covering a war. I’m sure she would have preferred to be remembered for her work.

It is wonderful that the work of these pioneers is being discovered and written about. I’d rather they not have wear the descriptor “female” before photographer, however, they/we are Photographers who happen to be female.

There were others of course, Margaret Bourke White, Lee Miller and Gerda Taro, who died covering the Spainish Civil War. To name a few.

All wonderful women who went before.



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