Debbie Harry’s Tide is High – New York Times

For decades, Debbie Harry has been saving her fan art, hundreds of versions of that familiar siren face, rendered by admirers of all talents. There are children’s drawings in markers and crayons (“Happy Birthday Debbie Love Miyuki”) and ink portraits by skilled illustrators. There are dolls and T-shirts, works on canvas, wood and in mosaic.

Ms. Harry keeps these images of herself not to prop up her ego, she said, but to honor the makers, and the effort and spirit of their gifts. She had been storing them haphazardly in drawers and boxes until she began rounding them up for her memoir, “Face It,” (yes, there’s a bit of a pileup of female rockers getting reflective this season) out Oct. 1. “I couldn’t just abandon them,” she writes in the book, adding that some of the portraits have traveled around the world with her, through bad weather and flight delays, “surviving just like me, a bit frayed at the edges, but still intact.”


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  1. Great NYT article. Had no idea of some of this background. Always a favourite of mine . confess to a real crush in mid-70s.

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