DEA Store – redfern

If you are looking for a little bling for your home go no further than this wonderful little store DEA at 146 Regent Street, Redfern.

A street that is worth a look its on the up and up for homewares and vintage furniture.

Karin Huchatz the owner of the store sources many other items apart from the bling. Texture and finish seem to be an area that the shop specializes in.

I bought the wonderful brass pepper grinder from Greece, the grinder has various levels of grind. A present for the Pepper mad Anon.

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  1. I can vouch for the pepper grinder ….. best I have ever used. There is a shop around the corner from us that sells peppercorns from Sri Lanka that have a unique taste. A perfect match for a perfect pepper grinder that is in beautifully crafted bronze.

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