Daydreaming, Deep Thinking, Creativity, Musing, Play

Villa Sidemen and Mt Agung, Sidemen, East Bali, January 2018

Villa Sidemen and Mt Agung, Sidemen, East Bali, January 2018

Daydreaming, Deep Thinking, Creativity, Musing, and Play are all the things that will set us apart from the robots. I had to do a bit of deep thinking about this last week when I was asked to be on a panel about the importance of art in politics. I think Art and Creativity should be at the core of our being. Sadly the “numbers people” got hold of the world. You can tell what politicians, today, think about art … not much obviously ….. it has been sent to outer suburbs of their minds.

Given the Facebook farce unfolding before us, maybe we should turn off the devices for a bit and do a bit of Musing and Daydreaming …..

This from the book Deep Work by Cal Newport published by Grand Central.

“Your conscious mind, according to this theory, is like a home computer on which you can run carefully written programs that return correct answers to limited problems, whereas your unconscious mind is like Google’s vast data centers, in which statistical algorithms sift through terabytes of unstructured information, teasing out surprising useful solutions to difficult questions.”

Basically, mental rest (or idle time) is what allows your unconscious mind to have a turn at solving your biggest challenges. This is one reason people often have their greatest insights while they’re out running, or cooking a meal, or folding laundry. Later in the book he also explains that our instinctive reactions to avoid boredom (like opening Facebook while we stand in line for coffee) prevent those idle cycles from kicking in. Which is why I deleted twitter and Facebook from my phone (I added them back for the conference but they’re getting removed again soon as my plane departs).


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  1. Daydreaming essential. Limiting what information we take on board also. What we choose to close ourself off from, can have the wonderful effect of making ourselves open even more. Go well and enjoy the limitations.

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