The day Maxine McKew won the seat of Bennelong

Maxine McKew in the seat of Bennelong, Election Day 24.11.07

In 2007 my dear friend Maxine McKew won the seat of Bennelong from John Howard at the time Prime Minister. It was a very fine day. A day we will remember forever.

Tomorrow another woman for labour will attempt to win the seat back from the Libs.

On that day in 2007 I spent the day and night with Maxine documenting the mood and moments of what would become a great moment in our history. I loved the fact that Maxine had put her hand up and had enough self belief to think she could win. We need more women like her.

This is how Judith Brett of The Monthly described Maxine's run ...

"An audacious move, I thought, aggressive even, to beard the ageing lion in his den, to remind the nation that the PM is also a local member and his seat not as safe as it once was, and to distract him from the national campaign with the sort of local campaigning he has never had to do. But this is not how McKew sees it. “I have a belief that democracies depend on a strong multi-party system, and parties only thrive when committed individuals are prepared to put their hands up ... I am providing the people of Bennelong with an alternative.” And she compares the alternative she provides to Howard in Bennelong with the alternative Kevin Rudd is providing as prime minister."

Read the article here ....


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