” Dave ” A Moroccan talisman tale – Fez – Morocco

Images from Chefchouen, Morocco.

Images from Chefchouen, Morocco.

Like most travellers, for me, there will always be that one item that catches the eye the heart’s desire to carry home that will remind me, become a talisman for the trip. On the latest trip that would be “Dave” the hand mitt that wraps around the tea pot used to make Mint tea in Morocco.

The pot sits on an open flame so the need for “Dave” is an essential not just a decoration. I spotted this ” Dave ” at the guesthouse we stayed in Chefchouen … I wanted him badly. I was sent to every far flung shop in Chefchouen, where, I was assured I could get my very own ‘Dave” …. no luck… I offered stupid money to buy their ‘Dave” but management couldn’t let him go.

We moved onto Fez, a bigger town, maybe here I could find “Dave”. The wonderful women who work in the kitchen of the Ruined Garden assured me that yes there was and entire lane with just ” Daves”. There are 9,000 lanes in the Fez Medina. My mistake was to ask a young bloke where I could find “Dave” well the intrigue/cloak and dagger and negotiations that went on …meeting’s in side lanes various “Daves” produced silly money asked.

Here-in lies a lesson when visiting Fez. The official guides of the Medina have a very tight grip on business…anyone seen doing unofficial guiding like, our blokes, can get into serious trouble. Sadly if you ask for directions or help young blokes will attach themselves to you and it is very hard to shake them because they get a small kick back when they take you to a shop.

With Dave safely in my bag and heading back to the Ruined Gardens for a well earned beverage I turned the wrong corner and found myself in …..you guested it….a lane full of “Daves”

I will spare you the story of, the inevitable then need, for the teapot to live with “Dave”

Note: Why ” Dave” I hear you ask…Sandy McCutcheon of http://riadzany.blogspot.com.au named his Mitt Dave…I never did hear the reason why!

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  1. “Dave” did indeed become an obsession …. perhaps more so than Lorrie is letting on ….. and the lane way did literally have thousands of Daves in all colours and degrees of embroidery. Some really quite hideous to a point of being “Doily Daves”.

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