Curtain Call for Stills Gallery……sob

Kathy Freedman opened Stills Gallery in 1991 it will close at the end of this month. The final show called “Curtain Call” opens tomorrow. I photographed the final touches yesterday.

The show is a look back over the history of the gallery and will present the mother of all salon hangs featuring over 70 artists from the 26 years of exhibitions. This is not to be missed.

I’m very proud to be one of the artists. I held my first solo show at Stills in 1992, when it’s home was a small terrace house in Elizabeth Street Paddington. That show nurtured a path for my work beyond newsprint.

These three women, Sandy Edwards, Kathy Freedman and Bronwyn Rennex, Founder and past and present directors have nurtured so many artists at Stills they should be declared National Treasures. Their gift to our community of photographers should never be forgotten.

Oh and to my delight and awe I’m in a show with my Hero Mary Ellen Mark……


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  1. Wonderful blog and indeed everyone associated with Stills over all those years should be very very proud.

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