Currawong Art Workshop with Debbie Mackinnon

Kerri Ainsworth Art Workshop at Currawong Retreat on Pittwater, Sydney

This Art workshop at Currawong on Pittwater with Debbie Mackinnon is one of the fabulous workshops run by Kerri Ainsworth's company Art Travel Adventures.

I have to say it felt very calming floating across Pittwater on the ferry last week to have lunch with the women on the workshop. The food is catered and delicious. The Resort, if that's what you would call Currawong, will take you back to the 1950's, is charming and a very back to the future experience.

Debbie Mackinnon is a contemporary artist based in Sydney and the Central Coast of NSW. Her paintings are an exploration of the connection between the natural and constructed worlds. Debbie trained as an illustrator and worked professionally as an art director for London publishers Dorling Kindersley and Frances Lincoln and then as an author/designer of a series of award winning children’s books. Moving to Australia 22 years ago, she was inspired by the light, texture and colour of our rugged coastline to take up her easel and paints once more.

Debbie lectured at Billy Blue College of Design for 15 years and now paints full time. She founded ME Artspace, an artist run initiative in North Sydney, where she works and exhibits. Debbie’s work is in private collections around the world. Two of her paintings were recently acquired by North Sydney Council for their public collection. She also regularly exhibits at Sydney Road Gallery.



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  1. What a fantastic art expedition with Debbie, she is such an inspiring lady and Currawong cottage is a special place. I’ll be looking out for the next one.
    Great post and photos

  2. Lorrie we loved having you join us at Currawong. Your photos look great great! Although Debbie appears in the hero shot emerging from a burnt out tree hollow, I’d like your readers to know, that this is not her accommodation, but a rather quaint cottage overlooking the sea. It was a great fun and productive few days.

  3. so glad you came over to visit us Lorrie. Its such an amazing and remote spot yet so close to Sydney. Great shots…We will be going again next April 2019

    1. Not to mention two amazing caterers who whip up gorgeous treats. Nothing like ending a day with a glass of wine, a delicious meal and great company!

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