CristaSeya – designer crush

“We are against the fashion system … we were bored with fashion and trends and the change every season,” says Cristina Casini, co-founder of the Parisian lifestyle brand CristaSeya. Instead, Casini and her partner, Keiko Seya, release “editions” — of 12 to 15 items — every six months. “We wanted to do something that would be timeless, using the best materials — pieces that you can keep for a long time,” Casini says.

At a time when we are all curators of our own lives this design team take it that one step further…they do collaborations with Artists and add covertitable objects to their editions.

I love the uncomplicated style and palette of CristSeya. It is costly but as they say “an investment”.

Read more about them in this article….



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  1. Beautiful clothes. I wish I was so slender, and had someone do the ironing. Lovely to look at.

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