Crista Seya Designs – Capsule collection # 11

Crista Seya

You may not be familiar with CristaSeya. I have posted about them before. It is a brand so right for Australia…… it’s not a new brand, having launched back in 2013, but it has managed to stay under the radar, thanks to the ethos of its brilliant founder Cristina Casini. She takes a thoughtful, quiet approach to retail, choosing to release sporadic “editions” instead of fashion collections, and she offers a curated range of objects that includes art, photography, and furnishings.

This from Vogue…….

Given this careful business model, it’s a bit surprising that Casini has decided to launch e-commerce, along with an incredible new range of insanely covetable modern summertime separates.

“It was a hard decision,” Casini explains. “We are against mass and fast consumerism, but we have tried to create a discreet online shop, one that won’t be conventional—it’s temporary and will be open for special projects and limited capsules.”

The 12 featured pieces are available from today through June 18; they range in price from around $364 to $784 and include lightweight shirting, knitwear, dresses, and trousers in blue and white stripes, light camel, and more colors. “Anaphi was inspired by the Greek island of the same name,” Casini says. “It’s where I love to travel on holiday and there is something magical there—a feeling of freedom in this wild, tiny island which I wanted to share.” And now she can with the new online platform. “This will give people the ability to buy CristaSeya even if they aren’t available to come to our atelier in Paris,” Casini adds.

Whether in the city streets or on a far-off beach, these chic clothes are exactly what summer dressing dreams are made of.

A quick conversation with creative director Cristina Casini about CristaSeya

You work in “editions” rather than “collections.” Why is that?

Being a stylist, I was bored by the fast consumption and the general lack of quality of the fashion system. I wanted to create special, timeless clothing and objects that you can live with for a long time.

CristaSeya spans a range of media, including clothing, art, ceramics, furniture and more. Do you see it as a means of expression rather than an actual brand?

That’s a beautiful way to describe it. CristaSeya is about living well; every element that we add to the range comes from something or someone real and tangible that has inspired us, especially in our travels. Together, the different parts create the CristaSeya universe and we’ve been very lucky to have met and worked with such wonderful artists and artisans.

The latest edition was the eighth full womenswear offering from CristaSeya. How do you feel that the brand has changed since #01?

The early editions still inform the designs we are creating now, nine editions later. The central ethos of the brand was strong when we launched; we wanted people’s love of the clothes to be unaffected by fashion and trends. Looking back at edition #01 today, I believe that we’ve achieved that.

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