Cressida Campbell – Cards – Best Christmas Present


Why not buy some Cressida Campbell limited edition card sets for Christmas presents. I’ve been buying her cards since she started printing them…when the cards are finished you will still have the most beautiful box that they are sent out in

Cressida Campbell is one of a most celebrated and unconventional artists.  She draws her compositions on plywood, carves the outlines and paints the image in many layers of watercolour.

The finished picture is sprayed with water and a single impression is taken. The result is one print and one block.

Cressida Campbell’s work may be found in most Australian public collections.

She has just introduced a limited edition set of cards, beautifully boxed ……  available at the link below.




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  1. How generous of Cressida to publish these extraordinarily beautiful cards…I’ve already ordered some – thanks to you too Lorrie for making me aware of the most celebrated and unusual aspects of the city in which I dwell.

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