Cornersmith Cafe & Picklery, Marrickville

Cornersmith Cafe & Picklery in Marrickville, Sydney is well known for its healthy food and sustainable practices, rooftop Honey, Pickles and Workshops.© Lorrie Graham

Cornersmith Cafe & Picklery in Marrickville, Sydney is well known for its healthy food and sustainable practices, rooftop Honey, Pickles and Workshops.

I have their book – surprisingly – called “Cornersmith” I’ve also bought many a jar of their Kimchi at the Carriagework markets BUT I hadn’t trekked over to Marrickville to visit the Cafe or Picklery.

Last day of winter, I stopped in and had a lunch called Winter toast….. Avocado, radish,fermented turnip, apple, chervil on Nonie’s toasted ancient grain bread ( above ) it was delicious. I guess it won’t be on the menu tomorrow.

I also tried a Perfect South green tea, Australian grown. Because this is my drink of choice at the moment I think this may warrant its own post.

There are so many worthy and fabulous things about Cornersmith you really need to visit yourself.

One of the things I love about Cornersmith Cafe is their community spirit the Produce Trading idea is so simple but so inspiring…..its made me want to sweep the tumble weeds from my Community garden plot!

Just one visit and look how inspired I am….adding this to my list of favourite cafes

Also signing up for at least these two workshops…

Spring Salads and Sprouts – Cornersmith is known for its innovative uses of seasonal vegetables, often incorporating grains, sprouts, pickles and homemade cheeses to make interesting and nutritious sides or complete meals.

You will learn to make showstopper salads, perfect dressings & vinaigrettes, and how sprout your own organic pulses at home. You’ll come home with your own range of bottled salad dressings and a home sprouting kit.

3 hours


Tintures and Tonics

Tinctures & tonics preserve the essence of herbs, wild weeds, roots, barks, fruits, and berries. They’ve been used for centuries to soothe ailments and flavour beverages.

You’ll learn distilling, extracting and infusing techniques; and the properties of edible plants. You will make and bottle a tonic water like nothing you can buy in the shops; a sage tincture to soothe digestion; and an olive leaf extract for flus and colds. Jaimee will talk you through the importance of bitter flavours and how to use what’s growing nearby to make your own bottled elixirs.


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  1. We have a tree-load of walnuts in Moss Vale which we’ve ignored in previous years as it’s too large to net and the birds get in before we can harvest for the nuts. I’ve just discovered a pickling recipe which involves picking the green fruits THIS WEEK. We got 4 kg just from low hanging branches. If anyone would like some walnuts to pickle, come on down. You’d need a good ladder.

  2. This looks fantastic. And not only for a drop in tea or coffee or meal, but also for the products and the workshops.

    Love the look of the Wild Cocktails, and the home made cordials and Tonics.

    A definite drop in with Tess.

    So when are we going ?

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