Coppelia Ice-Cream Parlor, Havana, Cuba

Cappella ice cream parlour in Havana, Cuba is a wonderful example of the innocent simple pleasures that makes Cuba so wonderful.

The Coppelia ice-cream parlour in Havana, Cuba is one of the innocent and simple pleasures that make visiting Cuba so special.

Havana’s celebrated ice-cream parlour is housed in a flying-saucer-like structure in a park in Vedado. It is so insanely popular it is celebrated for its massive queues as much as it is for its ice-cream.

Insanely popular since opening in 1966 I through some very rough economic times) this state-run institution is about far more than mere ice-cream…..this is no Messina….

Relationships have been forged here, fledgling novels drafted, birthday parties celebrated and Miami bound escape plots hatched.

The ultimate accolade came in 1993 when Coppelia served as a location and major plot device in the Oscar-nominated Cuban movie Fresa y chocolate ( the films title alludes to tow flavours of Coppelia ice-cream: strawberry and chocolate )

As a tourist visiting the Coppelia, you’ll probably be directed by security guard into a smaller convertible -paying outdoor section of the park, but dodge the directives. Queueing is an integral part of Coppelia folklore, as traditional as the table-sharing, the cheap ice-cream( you’ll pay in Cuban pesos) and the uncensored people-watchingopportunities that abound inside.


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