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About this blog

Hello my name is Lorrie Graham. I have been a photographer for 40 years, a photojournalist, so a storyteller.

I am a woman who turns 60 at the end of this year. So part of a generation of women who reinvent ourselves every decade. The old definitions don’t work anymore, the lines are blurred. It’s a mindset not a number. We don’ t want to be 20 again and we don’t want to be a 50 year old with a new face. We are a powerful, influential and the things we care about today, the clothes we wear and the beauty products we use, we will still care about at 90.

With that in mind…

This blog will wander through the various areas of life that interest me.

People – I have always found them endlessly interesting, they have been the focus of my work. Faces, imperfections, thoughts

There will be profiles of women, and a few men, I find inspirational.

Beauty – objects, houses, clothes, art flowers  ahhhhh flowers, the patina on furniture and faces and yes some food….and lets not forget words.

“aesthetics are key to our wellbeing”  said Alain de Botton…..I believe this!

Travel  – I love the anticipation of travel, the planning, the day-dreaming and then the discovery.

Uncovering the layers of place. Living the small moments in a new and temporary home.

The gathering of memories.

Tips – You don’t get to this age without a little wisdom, I have some tips but mostly other people’s………

Shared knowledge…….example Diane Keaton

“Don’t try to appeal to everyone. I respect women who aren’t afraid to push the envelope women who are inappropriate, women who do what you aren’t suppose to”

Forget the comfy undies, tuck-shop arms and the bingo……..and come away …….

maybe not the comfy undies.

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