Are Comfy Undies or Granny Panties a Feminist issue?

I’m guessing not one of you got a pair of Comfy Undies or Granny Panties from your Valentine yesterday. Come on, didn’t the film Bridget Jones Diary give the Comfy Undie a new lease of life, they certainly did something for Hugh Grant!

Personally, I say feminism is wearing whatever you want to wear and feeling good about it. So if you love soft, high-rise granny panties, go rock that sexy full-coverage look. But for the thong lovers out there it doesn’t make you any less progressive or feminist to feel sexy and fabulous in a strappy little neon thong. Heck, maybe commando is even what makes you feel best. At the end of the day, you’re the one that has to wear your underwear, so let the choice be yours.

While some mass retailers like Gap and Aerie have started offering high-waisted, full-back briefs, the silhouette is largely neglected by lingerie behemoths like Victoria’s Secret, which is actually kind of cool, because it means the gap in the market is being filled by smaller lingerie companies, many of which have female founders and designers. Some of these include Lonely, Mary Young, Negative Underwear, and Undone. And though these companies don’t wear their politics on their sleeves, one can sense a feminist undercurrent in their fresh approach to lingerie and in their embrace of the oft-scorned granny panty: These are women making underwear with women’s comfort, style, and sexiness in mind—lingerie for the female gaze.

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