Coalition against WestCONnex shines a light ………

On Saturday night, members of the Coalition Against WestCONnex…….it has now grown to include The Shire and the Northern Suburbs………walked the route of the Stage 3 proposed tunnel.

I joined The Lantern Procession at Newtown, St Peters members joined us and we then met members who had walked from Haberfield and Rozelle.

It was a beautiful sight. Residents opened their doors as the procession meandered the – Very vague route – encouraging also to see a much younger demographic joining in to save their communities.

Opposition to the destruction of our city is growing ….. join a group …. tell your local member what you think of the GREED that is driving this outrageous waste of public money.

Special Thanks to Zio Ledeux

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  1. Brilliant photos. Covers a multitude of protesters from poor to the well-to-do, from old to the very young, It’s the future of this city. Public Transport in Japan and so many other countries works better than more road traffic in moving the masses and stopping pollution. When our Premier became the Minister controlling the Railways she immediately set out to say ‘I control this’ and made so many commuters angry especially the south coast population trying to get to work in the southern suburbs. Really sad as I thought a Female Premier would be good for us.

  2. Thanks Lorrie for these beautiful photos. We have been fighting this senseless project now – which seems to grow and reinvent itself like a triffid – for more than two years now. The slow steps forward are beginning to feel like large leaps and bounds as people across Sydney realise the enormity of this stupidity.

    There is a great sense of fulfilment in being involved with this swelling band of activists.

    Even SMC acknowledge that the new $4.76 toll on the M4 is going to yield a magic time saving of 1 MINUTE ! If this waste of public money were not so serious, it should be an episode of UTOPIA.

    The clear message from Westconnex related events over the weekend is NEVER GIVE IN.

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