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Clothes for Life – Not the Runway is an article that really speaks to me. This blog is for women like this, women like you. So when I read it I thought I’d revisit our very own Sark Studio, a shop that follows very much this ethos and also a blog I did on Egg, a shop in London, that I have loved for over 30 years. Egg is featured in this article by Amanda Fortini of the New York Times…. see extract below and hit the link below to read the full article……

The model in these shots is the fabulous Kate Mould who works at Sark Studio.

There’s a certain type of woman who is always dressed in something stylish but not fashionable, expensive but never ostentatious, exquisite yet hard to place: some thoughtful, meticulously cut piece of clothing that channels the contemporary moment while remaining aloof to trends. It’s made of pure, papery crisp cotton, supple linen or the softest Italian wool. It’s capacious and effortless, since anything too structured, too clingy or contrived, would be trying too hard.

This woman tends to work in a creative field — she’s a chef, a landscape architect, an artist, a curator, an editor — and her personal life, too, has a certain ease. She spends weekends in the garden and throws impromptu dinner parties and would rather wear a roomy dress than forgo a homemade piece of rhubarb pie.

You’ll never see her wearing visible logos (or even identifiable trends), but if you ask her what she’s wearing, she’ll likely name one of a cohort of independent designers who have built a business for themselves, in some cases over decades, by quietly and consistently working outside the realm of mainstream luxury fashion. These designers don’t hold runway shows on the fashion-week schedule … if they hold them at all. They don’t advertise or market themselves. Most of them avoid press entirely. (You get the sense that promotion, like tight clothes, would be in poor taste.)”

Some images from the stunning shop EGG my go to shop in London ……

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