Clos Ripert, Cavaliere, Cote d’ Azur, France – Repost


We have headed south for a couple of days to spend some time with our friend Robért who rents a small piece of paradise, Clos Ripert, in Cavaliere – between Marseille and Nice on the Cote d’ Azur – for 6 weeks during the months he spends in Europe.

This will be an intensive class in the art of fine dining and wine appreciation from a maestro.

There will be a rhythm to our days – we arrive late so we have dinner, at an extremely elegant restaurant in Bormes – Les Mimosa called La Rastegue, run by a husband and wife team ….. the food is exquisite and the wine silky.

Next morning – rise / swim / head to the Boulangerie to collect Robért bread order …. Breakfast – this is an extremely healthy affair – lounge, then off to lunch – second day at a sweet restaurant called CoCo Beach. We have the grilled fish…a man salad (large plate of chips)…and a real salad, Robért a mountain of mussels and by now we are drinking Rose, the colour of blush and lingering over desert ….. the idea of getting into that bloody skirt is slipping away ……. then home for a siesta and a light supper and some more wine and then “why don’t we try that wonderful desert wine ?”…. the sleep is too sound.

Répéter – today’s restaurant is a bistro called Le Mole. Our waiter is so manscaped he would make Baz Luhrmann weep, his reluctance to be photographed – performance art – the wine list has wine costing 6,000 euros …… the courses seem endless … I think five ….. maybe six …. I start to stumble at the cheese but recover for desert ….. it’s a marathon of pure indulgence….we leave for Rome the next day … completely re-educated….

Thank you Robért!


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  1. Oh the memories of those few glorious days. Sublime food and wine and company and locale. A highlight of the tri to Europe that year

  2. Ahhhh … the photos and the descriptions are so good I can almost taste that grilled fish … xx

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