Christmas Collaboration – Mud and Jac and Jack

Christmas Collaboration between Mud and Jac and Jack, Cermaics for the Tree

Porcelain titane Mud and Fashion brand Jac and Jack have collaborated to produce these fabulous decorations.

Why do brands Collaborate?

Collaboration can add value if the strategic and creative thinking is aligned. Both brands can benefit from increased growth, reduced costs and a greater reach. ... If brands are non-competing then there is great potential for rapid audience expansion as brands can introduce their customers to their partners.

Thats one reason, but I like to think its a couple of creative enterprises coming together to see what they can produce to appeal to their know audience/clients. I love both brands so it speaks to me. In particular I love the porcelain button on the Jac and Jack towel.

The lovely wooden reindeer is from a little shop called Vitrine in Melbourne. Handmade by the owner's husband.

Audrey Kouzoumis by friend of Jac and Jack Strand store provided the backdrops .... herself and her home.

Vitrine 1 b Rose Street, Armadale, VIC

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