Chrissie Jeffery’s Style – Colour, Texture, Proportion

Chrissie Jeffery could be the almighty when it comes to colour and textiles, she started her interiors business No Chintz in 1994 and has been changing the mood and feel of people's homes ever since. No Chintz champions interiors that are bold and richly layered with colour, pattern and artwork so it’s no surprise Chrissie Jeffery's own apartment in Potts Point is a study in brilliant maximalism. I was delighted when Tina suggested Chrissie for a style shoot. Chrissie's style reflects the great loves of her life, colour, texture with an eye to proportion.

1. Who are the designers you like?

Well I’m a bit of a lover of Australian talent and I’m not a formal sort of dresser I often have to climb ladders or go on building sites. So Pamela Easton and Akira Isogawa for my special occasion clothes . Pamela’s use of colour and pattern has had my admiration for many years, Akira is the master of the drape and fold also uses pattern and needle work like no one else those hand folded and stitched rosettes get me every time . My every day often comes from freer silk tshirts, linen and velvet pants also the odd dress.

2. Do you have any style icons?

My style icons tend to be dead interior designers such as Tony Duquette , Roger Pyle Banks , Syble Colefax , Frances Elkins, Elsie de Wolf and Renzo Mongiardino .

4. How do you feel about getting older?

In many ways getting older is lovely you’ve learnt so many lessons and it took me years to grow up so I’m finally getting somewhere . The aches and pains are a bit disconcerting and losing people you admire as you get older is the most confronting part.

5. Do magazines or add campaigns talk to your generation?

I think I loved glossy magazines for the photography especially when I was younger now days I tend to look to my most stylish friends and local designers. I love reading and the stories in most magazines I find too gossipy or silly.

6. How do you approach fashion compared to your mother’s generation?

My mother now days lives in the country however she dressed very well and stylishly but she is of that generation. I remember a pic of her in The New look snapped in the street she would have been 18 with gloves and a hat beautifully presented. She loved all that up unto the 70s then she went all bell bottoms and turtlenecks. She loved a leopard print and was a great lover of dressing up and having fun.
I loved vintage clothes when I was young and much to my grandmothers horror wore them from about 16 till I was in my late 20s.

7. What are the things that are most important in your life as you get older?

As I’ve gotten older I think I’ve become kinder and to be with Richard and just enjoy life by looking at art , listening to great music reading and spending time with those I love.

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  1. I just love this post! It highlights the best of photographer and subject.
    Chrissie, you look wonderful in Lorrie’s photos and glimpses of the apartment are wonderful too.

  2. Lovely post as always. Love the story about mum dressed up. Fond memories of my own mother and grandmother ‘dressing’ for a trip into the city or to see a film at the State. All Chrissies clothes look wonderfully comfortable and a perfect sophisticated casual mix.

  3. Dear Lorrie ,
    I always find being featured and photographed a bit confronting however your beautiful shots of my home and me and your down to earth friendliness made it a very enjoyable experience.Cx

    1. Post

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