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I noticed Chez one night at the Coopers pub, our local, that recently has had a great band on a Wednesday night. Chez has a presence and a truly wonderful sense of style, and self awareness. Then I met her and she is as warm, funny and just great company. see you at the gig Chez.Here are some of her thoughts on life

Q. Do Magazines or Ad Campaigns talk to your generation?
A.I dont enjoy living in a society where beauty and youth are worshipped above and beyond wisdom and experience.
I feel conflicted as I cannot comment on how Magazines and Ad campaigns talk to my generation because i rally against conforming to the (supposed) stereotype OF my generation.
I can comment on how magazines and Ad campaigns affect me. eg. When I see ads mostly always trying to get women to defy their age by reducing wrinkles, eliminating grey hair, loose weight, tone the body, etc etc i become annoyed. If any product was invented that actually did what it promised and if everyone chose to look like everyone else and deny uniqness wouldnt we all be looking younger and the same as everyone else?

Q. How do you feel about getting older?
A. Mmm Since i dont have a choice about getting older i have to learn to live with it.
I never reveal my age unless to authorities to identify me.
This is because i believe we live in an ageist society.
As soon as you say your age someone will judge you.
we all do it and i dont believe anyone who says they dont.
you either “look good for your age” or ..” wow! life hasnt been kind has it?”
I dont feel any older than 18. I still have the expexctations positive outlook and hope i had when i was 18.
Everyday to me is new and exciting and i cannot wait to get out the door and see what exciting things will happen or who will i meet. Life is for living not aging.

Q. What sort of Clothes appeal to You?
A. Clothes that fit well and are adaptable are my favourites. Boots, Belts and Gloves always accompany my clothes.
I prefer natural fabrics, cotton, wool, cashmere,
I mostly wear jeans or trousers jackets. I like my clothes to be mono colours and i like to feel wrapped and strapped.
This is from years of riding motorcycles. my choice of clothing is very much influenced by the style adapted over almost two decades of having motorcycles as my primary source of transport. Safety and Style had to be the winners.
I do have dresses in my wardrobe of course just like any woman and i love them but as i like to move in a way that allows me to feel safe and free, jeans boots and belts help me to achieve that

Q. How do you approach fashion compared to your Mother’s generation
A. Unlike my Mother’s generation i don’t seek approval for what I wear. In fact I don’t know a lot about my Mother’s generation except that from where i came from women were not free and independent and didn’t have the opportunities i have and that my two Daughters have. Hallelujah to that!

Q. Where are the clothes in the shots from?
A. All the clothes except for the three jackets and the belts are from Op Shops.
The fringe suede jacket is definitely a precious item. I swapped a two piece creme suit (i bought in 1989 to wear to my Brother’s wedding) for this gorgeous item. I spoke to the girlfriend i did the swap with just this week. She reminded me the jacket cost her more than a weeks wages in 1989. I certainly came out on top with that deal. I wear the jacket every winter.
The Studebaker Hawk dress was in a window of a vintage shop on Enmore Rd a few years ago. I saw it and fell in love and its been hanging on the wall in my bedroom ever since. I wear it at least once a year. I wear it with the Peter Lang black and silver belt. I bought the belt in 1987. Its leather and metal and is heavy.

Q. What are the most important things in your life as you get older?
A. My independence and health are paramont. Without them i would feel impotent. I am focussed on setting an example to my two Daughters that women can live healthy active and independent lives without relying on men.
(No disrespect intended toward men) I am fiercly independent and value that independence so much more now that i am totally responsible for it. I enjoy giving of myself to others who need help. Its a joyous feeling to know youre valued for who you are, not what you are.
I also value the love, respect and friendship of my three Brothers.
Friends are so important. When we’re young friends may come and go but now i hold on to friends because They teach me new things about myself .. sometimes things i dont like.
Whether its my girlfriend I met when i was only 3 years old who i speak to once a month or the couple i met at a gig in Melbourne recently. Every opportunity to share time with them is rewarding.
I look forward to broadening my experience by meeting and being with people of all ages, all cultures and social status but most importantly, meeting them with a mature and open mind.
That is what’s important to me as i get older.

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  1. With apologies to E L James… the shots taken against the black and white abstract mural, could well have been titled 50 shades of grey. Love the outfit, and that belt! Elegant: classy with shabby chic undertones. I could well imagine seeing such a stunning creation on a Parisian street – but Enmore? Brilliant!.

  2. Wow, how Lorrie has captured your beauty, your sense of style, and elegance so well is truly amazing. Your are right about the fringed jacket Chez, you did get the better end of our deal, however it always looked better on you – Love and Kisses XXXX

  3. Wow, what an inspirational to all women of all ages! You are full of positive energy and love of life. Go girl!

  4. Great blog. Loved the last photo and one with hand on cheek (same as Val). They speak to me as the Chez I know. Warm, funny, intense, energetic and interested in everything. Seems like life is wonderful Chez. Great apartment, outfits, and ideals. Health and independence are essential to all women to achieve their potential, whatever that may be to them.
    viva la femmes !!!!

  5. Fabulous photos Lorrie! Chez, you look gorgeous!! Hoping your flair for styling leads to something exciting.

  6. Fabulous photos Lorrie! You look gorgeous, Chez — hoping that all your flair for style leads somewhere exciting!!

  7. Thanks everyone for your support and comments..
    I had such a lot of fun with Lorrie that winter Sunday afternoon in Enmore
    I am so fortunate to have family and friends who love me
    Fortunate to live the life I choose where I choose how I choose
    Long live fashion and freedom x

  8. Wow, Wow & Wow! You are amazing Chez & the photos are so true to style & personality. My two favourites are the last one on the step but also I love the one where your hand is on your cheek. Perfect pic! You are an Inspiration dear friend. Great blog Lorrie 🙂

  9. My family and I are fortunate to know Chez and call her a friend. She is every bit as fabulous as she is described and pictured here….. and a whole lot more!

  10. Awesome style and outlook on life – love love love the show outside the cafe, and of the waist

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