Check out … Goodways Deli – Redfern

This will take you back to the playground .. the perfect salad sandwich, I think I may have found it at Goodways Deli in Redfern.

This place is so new you can almost smell the paint, 20 Cooper Street, Redfern, it was a former Lebanese sweetshop.

The beetroot is key, for me, when rating a salad sanga. The Goodways Deli's sandwich has it all. Carrot, mushroom pate mayo hunks of Maffra cheddar AND it comes in a baked in-house wattle seed ciabatta.

Other items to look out for the rhubarb-jam lamington, this disappeared before I could photograph it! Vegemite scrolls. There is a cheese and apple toast, chicken Waldorf sandwich with "proper rocket" that fabulous broad leaf peppery green.

Also check out the Merch.

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