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Catherine Ashbridge Profile, Interior Designer, Sydney, July 2018

I introduced you to Catherine Ashbridge the Interior Designer last week, here we talk personal style, ageing and life.

Who are the Designers you like?

I am fairly minimalist, and like my tried and trues. I like Akin, Bassike, Akira, Manning Cartell, Cos, Funkis, Assembly, Storm.

 What sort of clothes appeal to you?  

 I like straight lines, the odd bold pattern, easy to wear and wash. I’ve never been one to get out the iron!

 Do you have any style icons?

I love how effortlessly stylish these women appear..... Alexa Chung, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Julianne Moore, Lauren Hutton. I’m sure in reality it’s not that effortless!

How do you feel about getting older?

I’ve always had a positive outlook about staying healthy, keeping fit and aging gracefully. Sometimes working around younger colleagues hones home the aging process a little more than I’d like however there’s so much to embrace with aging and that always wins over! My philosophy is to enjoy wine and food, go to yoga as often as I can, and walk the dog daily.

 Do magazines or ad campaigns talk to your generation?

I tend to read a lot of online blogs these days…just like yours. In the Architecture and Interior Design industry there are many great designers of all ages producing incredible projects and works. All inspire me. Advertising is something I tend not to tune into, however of course it infiltrates. More often than not advertising or social media relating to my teenage children affects me the most and evokes reactions.

How do you approach fashion compared to your mother’s generation?

My mother was always stylish and continues to enjoy fashion. They were always very well presented. I always remember my mother saying she was just popping upstairs to do her face before we’d step out the door. We are way more casual… we have definitely claimed casual!

Where are your clothes in the shots from?

 Akin top, Storm pants, Maya McQueen black boots Akin jumpsuit, Spring Court white trainers Gorman top, black jeans, Spring Court white trainers Black Cos pants, Bassike singlet, Camper shoes

 What are the things that are most important in your life as you get older?

My family and their happiness is hugely important. Extended family, friends, and community. Success and enjoyment in career and work projects. Health and well-being. Fun, adventure and travel!!

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