Be a Tourist at home go to Pearl Beach

Be a tourist at home goes to Pearl Beach…..we have recently been reacquainted with the tranquility and beauty of Pearl Beach. Our friends Lesley and John have invited us for


Be a Tourist at Home – Hardy’s Bay, Wagstaffe & Killcare

Be a tourist at home explored the pretty bays of Hardy’s Bay, Wagstaffe and Killcare this Queen’s Birthday weekend.We were staying with friends at Pearl Beach and spent Sunday afternoon


Be a tourist at home – Milton – South Coast – NSW

Milton is a charming little town in the South Coast region of New South Wales, Australia, within the City of Shoalhaven. It was founded in 1860, named after the property


Wallawwa Boutique Hotel – Sri Lanka

Another glance at the charming Wallawwa, these images are from our first visit. The pool area was being updated on our second visit, and the beautiful gardens extended, also three new suites and an organic garden where they source most of the food for their restaurant ( these will have their own blogs). The hotel does a two for three deal- three nights for the cost of two, this deal is great for those of us who fly in from Australia, the flights as mentioned in the previous Wallawwa (link) arrive in the middle of the night and leave at another ungodly hour. Have a massage at the spa with Margie before flying…. it may ease some of the pain of leaving. The management – on our last visits – mentioned that the owners of the Wallawwa had plans to expand their boutique hotels to other areas of Sri Lanka possibly to Galle, Kandy and the cultural triangle at Ulagalla … we’ll keep you posted. If the standard of the Wallawwa was available in these areas you would need to look no further to do your first tour – in style – of this beautiful country.

I was reminded of the fabulous Wallawwa Boutique hotel when I decided to replicate a snack – blog tomorrow – that the chef from this fabulous Sri Lankan hotel taught