the irrepressible – Grace Coddington

photo by Fabien Baron – Trunk Archive Coddington announced this week that she’s stepping down from day-to-day life at American Vogue to become creative-director-at-large, but as the 74-year-old told Business

Steve McCurry and Valentino

Image: Steve McCurry The venerable photojournalist Steve McCurry has turned his hand to Fashion. You will know his work….if only “Afgan Girl”,but if that is all you know, do yourself


Ana Gimeno Brugada?

This woman, Ana Gimeno Brugada, takes androgyny to a whole other level. She pulls it off because she seems to be so comfortable in herself. The only thing I have

About bloody time!

This is the 2016 Pirelli Calendar, launched today. How bloody long….well till now ….2016 to see a Pirelli that celebrates REAL women not just male fantasies? The Calendar as you