Toned Abs – 2013 -2015

Lest we forget….this article, written by an outsider, pretty well sums up what we just lived through….   Image Sydney Morning Herald ….. must have been taken early days only

BB Cream – who knew?

  Barbara Toner  –  author of What to Do about Everything –  so frankly who am I to argue, emptied her make-up bag onto our lunch table last week to


45 Years – A Film

  Image The Guardian. Words That’s not my Age Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay are both superb in 45 Years. Another great film about grown-ups – one of the best I’ve seen

New York Times – editorial

Rohingya refugees on a boat off the coast of Indonesia in May – photo Januar/Agence France Presse. This is not my Australia! Read this and weep ………..what have you done