Elena Ferrante’s ……..4th Book

The Story of the Lost Child (Storia della bambina perduta). The novel, which will be released in English on 1 September, is the last of Ferrante’s acclaimed Neapolitan quartet of

Being in Transit

Transit -“the action of passing through or across a place”. On our last big trip we were in transit for 48 hours…I loved it. From Paris to Sri Lanka via


#SaveNewtown – Stop #WestCONnex

For the past six weeks I’ve been part of a grassroots community campaign to educate the businesses of Newtown about the impact from the WestCONnex project. This project will destroy

Iris Apfel – The Film

Iris the film, portrays Iris Apfel the inspiring , eccentric fashion legend. Iris the film, the last documentary by Albert Maysles, portrays the 93 year old’s fabulous life These are


Parliament Cafe – Newtown

  Her name is Asma Khan, she is a Rohinga refugee from Burma. Each Saturday morning you will find her at Parliament Cafe 632 King Street Newtown where she is