Casa Colonial Antigua – our first Airbnb In Havana

This was our first experience of shared house and Airbnb in Havana, The house in Centro Havana had – so far – escaped the gentrification of Old Havana.

We were greeted warmly by the hostess and owner Reysa, who, ruled the house with a firm hand. I had been looking forward to getting a look at an authentic Cuban household and Casa Colonial Antigua didn’t disappoint.

A huge old house on a teeming street, where, the downstairs had been given over for the Airbnb experience. There are 3 small bedrooms some with ensuite. Tables and chairs outside for the rather grand breakfast. The rooms are air-conditioned, Anon at 6.4, found the bed a little short.

As much as I enjoyed being able to see behind the doors of some of the Grand houses in Cuba through the airbnb experience, I found the over the top hospitality humbling and at times uncomfortable. But that would be saying far more about me than our Cuban hosts.


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