Care of Cashmere and other investment pieces

This is a repost of two past posts. The weather has turned and at last I've been able to get the cashmere out of hibernation. Most have survived in tact...so far BUT a very new investment buy as already been hit with a moth attack....so I thought this might be timely.

My Grandmother Adeline passed on her Choko pie recipe and poker skills, but sadly darning was not in her tool kit. My friend Urt is a wiz but lives on the far south coast.

So when I found a small hole in a Jac and Jack jumper what to do. Hello ...... The Granny Square, just another gem on King Street Newtown.

The Granny Square will darn your jumper, custom knit you a jumper..... how I wish I had kept those jumpers knitted by other Grandmother Edith ....  teach one on one  to knit, sell you wool  are sooooo warm and friendly

The Granny Square:, 47 King Street, Newtown

Whether you've invested heavily in swaddlicious cashmere from Jac and Jack or nabbed a bargain at Zara, follow these tips for getting the best out of your winter woollies.

1. Use the handwash cycle on your machine to wash your cashmere, and then lay it out to dry flat on a towel. This means it won't lose its shape.

2. If your machine doesn't have a handwash/gentle cycle, button up your cashmere inside a pillow case and put it on a cold wash.

3. Moths love cashmere, particularly any with moisture in the fibres, so to store it safely, make sure it is totally dry. Then fold up and store in zip-lock bags (Muji have a good range) - hangers will stretch the wool.

4. For extra security, line the bags with anti-moth paper strips or anti-moth drawer liners.

5. All cashmere, no matter how good the quality, is prone to piling. Keep a comb on hand to deal with bobbles: lay your cashmere flat, gently pass the knitwear comb over the fibres, and the pills will be picked up. Jac and Jack make a great comb.

6. Found a hole in your cashmere? wander down King Street to the Granny Square, the best in the business at disguising moth holes and making cashmere look as good as new (from $25 per hole).



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  1. Very timely and useful post. sadly for me. Just discovered a vicious moth attack on my cashmere. Where do I buy the moth proof paper?

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