What can you do about Smoker’s lines?

Well stop smoking would be the bleeding obvious. I did eight years ago, but I will admit to missing the ritual…I thought I might take it up again when I hit sixty five, but as that seems to be just around the corner I’ve pushed it out to eighty.

Anyway, if like me, you put in your fair share of sucking on your brand of choice there will be a permanent reminder every time you look in the mirror. They are the pesky smokers lines that drift ( not in an attractive way ) from your lip to your nose. Why men are spared these is just another reason to know the world was not made equal.

some products and ideas I’ve gathered from various sources….hope it helps….I’m heading for the Eve Lom product Kiss Mix…I’ll let you know.

Does skincare help? Night creams with collagen-boosting retinol (like SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.3 concentrate); and line-plumping moisturisers with hyaluronic acid during the day ,Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream, Hydroskin’s HA; might prevent them worsening or at least soften their visual impact. And of course Eve Lom’s Kiss Mix is the best hydrating lip balm is a product I will be having a look at. I also use and love Hydroskin’s Kakadu Palm.

If you’re brave or rich enough to risk a procedure, hyaluronic acid fillers both in the lips themselves and more subtly above the lipline plump up thin lips and smooth lines without that telltale ridge that screams ‘trout pout.’ Then there’s Glam Glow Plumprageous Matte Lip Treatment, which tingles like hell to make lips look more bee-stung, then calms down to become an effective smoothing primer for colour.

There’s a lot you can do to control your lippie. ‘The problem is, we’ve been spoilt by easy balmy crayons, but we’re not so good at prepping the lip surrounds,’ FAB makeup artist Sara Raeburn says. She’s been using Deciem Hylamide HA Blur on set over foundation – it’s like Nanoblur, but finer she reckons. Oh, and by the way, ease up on foundation. The less there is, the less it will pool into lines.

You also need some kind of a barrier, like a pencil, ‘Pick a shade nearest your natural lip colour, draw in the entire lip and blend it in well with a brush. Top it with lipstick, keeping just shy of the edges, but avoid lipgloss like the plague.’ You might need to splash some cash on a good matte lipstick. And as luck has it, there’s no shortage of those in the A/W17 colour collections.

I’m excited about Nars intense new Powermatte Lip Pigment. You’ll find a good match for your own lip tone in their Precision Lip Liner, too.



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