Cafe Laurent – for lunch -Havana – Cuba

Cafe Laurent in Havana, Cuba is a great find for lunch. Like many of the better restaurants in Havana there will be a few sittings and you will have to do a little detective work to find it. So ours was a late lunch but worth the wait and the search. Making a booking is highly recommended.

Café Laurent has that bohemian chic aesthetic so in vogue right now, or something close to it. The 50s furnishings and walls papered with old newspaper cuttings gave it a retro vibe, and with the corner home-style bar and casual atmosphere there was a definitive dinner party atmosphere, especially on the terrace, full of raucous group parties.

The lighting was warm and atmospheric, the music trendy yet melodic, and the service superb placing it clearing in high-end territory. But then there were red herrings, like the bathtub in the toilets – a remnant of its former guise as someone’s home – and the comedy translations on the English language menu such as fish strips instead of fish cakes, which reminded you happily that this was still Cuba.

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