Butcher’s Daughter – West Village – New York

The Butcher’s Daughter restaurant and cafe was just around the corner from our apartment in the West Village.

It self describes as a – vegetable slaughterhouse – or a plant based restaurant ,cafe and juice bar. It only buys local organic and seasonal.

We dropped in for breakfast, which frankly is like any breakfast/brunch you will find in any decent inner city cafe….without the bacon!

But the standout experience for us was this dude, our waiter, he was – of course – a musician and was responsible for the brilliant sound track in the Café. On our last day a very New York experience. Check out his boots!


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  1. Wow, he is beautiful – what a good look. He looks like the dude you’d want to have a Ferris Buella’s Day Off with – I bet you’d have fun…and eat well….

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