Bungalow Eight – Mumbai – India – Inspiration

I came across the Inspirational Bungalow Eight, Mumbai, India when I was reading a profile of the wonderful Lou Lou Van Damme. She is the muse for the store....and I'll do a more in depth post of Lou Lou in the near future.

Anon and I think we may head to India later this year so I've started my research...I WILL be going to the wonderful looking store.

If you have any tips please send them on ...

Named for its original location in owner Maithili Ahluwalia’s bungalow, the 10-year-old emporium now sprawls over three floors of an 1857 heritage building in Colaba, Mumbai, and is devoted to spotlighting the best of Indian design, from fashion to tableware to salvaged factory lights and baroque picture frames–and many points in between. Madonna and Sting, among others, are fans.

Maithili was only 24 when she returned to Mumbai, fresh from having studied at Swarthmore College and the London School of Economics, and worked as a management consultant in New York. The fact that she opened Bungalow 8 was no surprise: her grandmother Chandu Morarji set up the first lifestyle store in the city (and designed for Chanel), and her mother is celebrated jewelry designer Jamini Ahluwalia (you can find her pieces on the third floor of B8). “Design is in my DNA,” say Mathili

Loulou’s role grew from Visual Merchandiser around the time that she closed Panchavati in Goa and moved to the Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu. Business for me was growing; we had moved to Colaba and I needed her even more. The timing was perfect. There were a couple of pretty profound, serendipitous moments.

My Grandmother had a stroke in Goa, and was hospitalized for two years. I crashed at Loulou’s house when I visited her. We had already started to work together but we got even closer at this point. Loulou is closer to my mother in age, but she and my grandmother were extremely fond of each other. Both were good gardeners and experimental chefs; they had a lot in common, a love for aesthetics as well. 



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