Bruce Petty – Cartoonist retires


I met Bruce Petty about 35 years ago, I lived with a cartoonist at the time and they were great mates. Bruce has been drawing, as he calls his cartoons for 70 years, at 86 he has just decided to retire from his work on The Age newspaper.

The mind of the cartoonist is unique, they are rare fish. Bruce stands apart however for his humility and gentleness. I do hope you continue to draw Bruce we need minds like yours in this world today.

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  1. I realised reading this I have known Bruce for nearly forty years and his work for even longer. I have always admired his style of cartooning with his pungent political comment and elegant, but apparently messy. style of drawing.

  2. 35 years ago I spent many happy hours beside a large wall covered in an original Bruce Petty cartoon. It was in the lower coffee shop at Wentworth Union Sydney uni and I lament the fact some idiot redecorated and painted over it!

  3. What a great cartoonist. Bruce, you’re part of a rare breed and will miss your brilliant political analysis.

  4. That fabulous brain will never retire. Mental pictures will keep on scribbling.
    You’re the best Bruce.

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