Brows – What we always knew!


For many of us 2015 will be the year of the brow. I know a number of you are trying the Nu Brow product mentioned in this post – A Brow Story – LA Darl has found even more compelling evidence that we are on the right track.


Woman do all kinds of things to their eyebrows. They pluck, trim, shape and colour their brows, not realizing how important these are in protecting them against getting swindled or physically or emotionally hurt. Your eyebrows are your best protection and it is best not to touch them. Plucking eyebrows or worse, shaving them off to create a fake brow is the height of feng shui foolishness.

Bushy eyebrows are wonderful for protecting you against misfortune. They should also be dark, ranging from all the shades of brown to black, although do guard against over-drawing your brows. If you need to shape them, make them thicker on the inside and narrower at the end, but do not put too much of an arch into your brows. They should be arched rather than completely straight, but not too much. Look at Kate Middleton’s eyebrows they are brown and bushy and very good feng shui indeed …. Not that too many of us are looking for a Prince!

There is more – the best indication of good fortune coming ….. is to have glowing, glistening cheekbones!

Even more we have someone trying the Nu Hair product and  another trying something called Radiance ….. keep you posted


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  1. I am inspecting my eyebrows each day after two weeks of Nu Brow treatment. Nothing to report yet on progress, but the very thought of having eyebrows again after chemotherapy some years ago has lifted my spirits dramatically. Will keep you posted …

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