Bring them Here ….. for god sake!

Refugee Demo, Close the Camps, Bring them here!

Refugee Demo, Close the Camps, Bring them here!

I honestly can not understand how both the Liberal/National and Labour parties can do this. Let these poor people, at the very least, go to New Zealand and then very quietly remove yourselves from the running for a place on The United Nations Human Rights Council….because … the DFAT blurb below …….you have no right on this council.

Human rights and gender equality
Australia has an enduring commitment to human rights internationally and is a party to major human rights treaties. Australia was one of the eight countries that drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we have been a leading proponent of its consistent and comprehensive implementation. In October 2015, Australia announced its candidacy for the United Nations Human Rights Council 2018-2020.

The Australian Government is committed to pursuing gender equality outcomes across the international agenda. Gender equality is an important right and a powerful driver for growth, development and stability. Promoting gender equality is integral to advancing Australia’s national interests and reflects Australian values of fairness and substantive equality. In December 2013, Natasha Stott Despoja AM, was appointed Australia’s second Ambassador for Women and Girls to promote gender equality in the international arena and to give women a stronger voice in the world. The launch of the Gender Equality Fund in 2015 demonstrated the centrality of gender equality and women’s empowerment in Australia’s aid program.”

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