Bricks and Mortar for The Wilde Merchant

The Wilde brothers Right to Left Brooks, Jordan Bayliss and Sebastien Wilde of The Wilde Merchants have opened a bricks and Mortar store in South King Street, Newtown.

This is what they say about themselves on various platforms.

Our aim is to curate a globally sourced selection of
vintage, salvaged and handmade items for everyday life.

Our collection of vintage and artisan made wares with an aim to create balance between aesthetics and functionality. Through careful sourcing, restoration and arrangement we offer you items for all aspects of your lifestyle.

I first came across the boys at Bondi Markets but they also have a presence at Lunatiques where they sell furniture and interesting design elements. They do the Glebe markets and once had a shop on the South Coast in the small town of Milton.

They are giving a brick and mortar store ago. I find their aesthetic very unique in the Vintage arena…Check them out

Also called The Wilde Savage… this is what I wrote a few years back when I found the lads at Bondi Market

Meet the lads from The Wilde Savage, they have stalls at Bondi and Glebe markets and have a space at lunantiques in Alexandria ( now at Botany)

As the name would suggest, the items are old, raw and unfinished. Old paper thin French workmen’s coats and pants, nurses uniforms, battered frontier items.

Their are also interesting pieces of furniture at the Botany space. Worth a look…

500 King Street, Newtown, 2042

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