Boot Camp for the Pre Xmas celebrations

I'm calling this Pre Xmas Celebration Boot camp a weekend away pre xmas with our Perisher Big Chill mates. Our very own high altitude training camp - even tho we were at sea level -
for festive celebrations, as it turns out, it may well have been the main game ... tick tock tick tock

We gathered at our friends Leslie and John's Pearl Beach abode for the camp.
It rained, so the beach was not a distraction from the main game, food and drink. We are all champions so the competition is fierce and unrelenting.

By the end of the weekend we all feel pretty well prepared for the long hard slog ahead ... if that bastard of 2020 Covid allows.

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  1. Always a JOY yes a bit indulgent but so worth it!! Glorious offerings at every turn- so appreciated So love your company- the best part xx

  2. Fabulous weekend with far far too much food and drink …… Thank you John and Leslie ….. always wonderful to spend time at Pearl Beach, one of my favourite places in the world.

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