Body image, advertising and Women’s Fashion

When we talk about body image, it’s important to remember that every person is different. Our appearances are influenced by genetics and so even if two people ate the same things and exercised in a similar manner despite their physical differences, they could have very different results due to individual variation within those factors alone! There isn’t one ideal weight for an entire population either–rather what works well with your frame might not necessarily work as well on another person’s build- no matter how close friends/family members seem otherwise when compared side-by side.

Well said, then why do labels insist on using only one body type to sell their clothes? Tall, thin preferably young models. A brand I love and buy regularily, has a size guide that says model wears M, where in hell does that leave the rest of us ... looking for an XL. I bring this up, because I was doing a cruise through the Vince site online and noticed this...see images...they use different sized models when shooting their catalogue and campaign. I think this is smart, like I think using older models would talk to the demographic that could be the only cohort who could afford some of these brands.

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  1. Agree!
    Annoyingly most labels continue to use the stereo typical young model.
    Smart move by Vince to embrace body positivity.

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