What is the Bob Tug Wilson walk for kids with Cancer ?

Various images of the Bob "Tug" Wilson Westmead Children's Charity Walk for 'Kids with Cancer' from Sydney City (The Rocks) to Manly Beach.

Bob " Tug" Wilson, the man this walk - from The Rocks in the City to Manly - is named after was started after Bob was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He decided to do something for kids .... his mantra was " I have lived a good life, theirs is just beginning"

In June 2015, 16 year old Phoebe Hewitt was diagnosed with cancer. We have know her parents Jill and Simon for years. Wonderful people greatly respected members of the Australian Film community. Phoebe endured a gruelling year of Chemotherapy, surgery and rehabilitation. Through her determination and the amazing work of oncologists and surgeons at Westmead Children's Hospital Cancer Unit Phoebe overcame her cancer and learnt how to walk again. She is now 21 months 'cancer free'.

This year Phoebe walked over 10 Kms of the 26km Bob "Tug" Wilson walk.

Anon hit 15kms before his knees gave out, and I finished. Insert wild cheering and applause here .... and where is my blow up Unicorn??

TIPS:  Beware the ...F...king...Barney Kearns Steps  and don't sit down when you get to Clontarf!

There were 649 walkers who have raised $291,012 so far.... Team Phoebe alone has raised just on $18,000 which is an extraordinary achievement.

You can still donate until the end of next week so if you could share this post as widely as possible ... thank you

The direct link to my donations page is : https://walk-for-kids-cancer.everydayhero.com/au/lorrie

The bloke in the green Tu Tu is Simon, Phoebe's dad. He got a $1000 donation for wearing the Tu Tu and below Jill and Phoebe at the start, 6.15am, in The Rocks.



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  1. What a privilege to be a part of this event and catch up with dear friends and meet new ones.

    A magnificent walk on a perfect Autumn morning. Definitely planning on doing it again next year and linking the Westmead Children’s Hospital to FEBFAST donations.

    Can still make donations for another week. Links below.

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