Bluesfest 2017…..my overview

The things/people I loved about Bluesfest 2017 ,other things not so much….

Patti….more about her and the pics tomorrow. Mavis – bloody – Staples what trooper played everyday what an inspiration.

The crowds seemed a little overwhelming this year. The new drinks process, seriously ….line up to put money on to a chip, that will cost you 3.50 then line up to get your drinks and if you have money left on the chip you have go on line to get it back. Guys a simple cash register would do the job!!!

Loved seeing some female roadies up there on the big stage.

New people to keep an eye on The Strumbellas, Canadian band. Vintage Trouble a bundle of energy and very entertaining. Courtney Barnett, not really to my taste but no denying the talent.

Loved Bonnie Raitt generosity asking The California Honeydrops up to play with her….loved the Honeydrops.

Buy anything by Beth Hart and Joan Osborne.

Once again Thank you Arnold Frolows the suggestions were spot on.


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  1. Great wrap-up, Lorrie, and wonderful pics (especially of the Vintage Trouble singer, who channeled James Brown more than a little). Two thirds of my music collection is female musicians, so I was pretty happy with the lineup: Patti, Mavis, Bonnie, Joan, Beth, RLJ et al. Courtney Barnett, not so much. She may have poetic talents which escaped me, but I thought her musicianship was poor. Flat vocals and four or five muddy chords are still just that no matter how much you bounce around the stage. Irish Mythen and Melody Angel (with mum, Mrs Angel) on the other hand were each a revelation in their own way. And don’t start me on the drinks madness. I’m with you…paying as you go works just fine.

  2. Wow lorrie, looks amazing (not the drinks queue) and I think you have inspired me to go next year although, this year sure does look like it had the dream line up!

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