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I have been searching for a large …. and I mean large…. black Tote for a very long time. Such a simple bag … so hard to find. My search ended a couple months ago when I found one close to the bag I was looking for.

It appeared in a small booklet called (funnily enough) “Hard to Find”, this just fell out of a Sunday newspaper. An online company called “The Goods” based in Avalon NSW makes and sells bags. My bag is made of babies bum soft leather.

Then a few weeks ago I spotted an even bigger Tote on the arm of girl in our local coffee hauté, she happily told me where she found it, ( people are very kind) Urban Outfitters again online, it is Vegan… so god only knows what it is made of but not babies bum soft leather and bonus it was on sale. I love both of them.

I’d forgotten the frustration of the Tote however….. your life goes in and years later like an archaeological dig you reclaim parts of it.








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  1. Lorrie, I didn’t know about The Goods – thank you for this, their bags are beautiful! When I was in the US last year I bought a couple of smaller bags from Baggu which are great, very similar philosophy and reasonably priced. A woman can never have too many bags…

    1. Post

      Oh I know Margot, i spied a BIG brown Tote at Manyara that may have me shooting up to Newport Beach very soon. Thanks for Baggu i’ll check them out. L x

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