Bill Cunningham dead @ 87

Bill Cunningham

Woke to the very sad news that Bill Cunningham had died. Bill had been photographing on the streets of New York for the New York Times for over 40 years

Mr. Cunningham’s position as a perennial outsider among a set of consummate insiders was part of what made him uniquely well suited to The Times.

“His company was sought after by the fashion world’s rich and powerful, yet he remained one of the kindest, most gentle and humble people I have ever met,” said Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., the Times’s publisher and chairman. “We have lost a legend, and I am personally heartbroken to have lost a friend.”



Also watch this wonderful Documentary “Bill Cunningham New York….

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  1. Farewell to a wonderful individual in a world of cliches and imitations..
    In his signature blue jackets (worn by French street cleaners) cycling around NYC snapping NYC street fashion oddities…a glorious man.

  2. The documentary is an absolute ‘must watch’. It highlights what a wonderful photographer he was, but more important what a simple and principled and humble man he was in spite of his fame with the rich and powerful of New York. A true inspiration.

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