Berthillon – Paris


The founder Raymond Berthillon died this year aged 90. This famous of all Parisian glaciers makes what many consider the best ice cream in the world. Go see for yourself, the original tea rooms are at 31, rue Saint-Louis-en-I’lle ( 4th) small, charming and on the weekend the lines snake back to the Seine.

Try the chocolat amer sorbet, which has the deep intensity of chocolate but without the distraction of cream. Their Caramel Ice cream is excellent, the fruit sorbets are stunning and the one made with tiny wild strawberries, fraises des bois, is worth the supplement. Berthillon is served at many cafés in Paris, and other locations near the original also scoop it up, which is helpful when they’re closed.

Always look for the Berthillon logo so as not to be disappointed. Closest metro is Pont Marie, they are closed Monday and Tuesday …… the second half of July and all of August.

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